poniedziałek, 30 sierpnia 2010

wind of change

This week the wind of change is almost visible. Tomorrow we're moving to a new place. Although it's not our own flat, for the next year it's going to be our home. It's a one-room apartment, with a tiny bathroom and quite a big kitchen. Now my hubby's just set off to Tesco in search of cardboard boxes that could come in when packing our stuff tomorrow. Today morning I was sitting in the kitchen finishing my breakfast and thinking: time flies, moments pass us by and we're just driven by the things that happen to us. Now I'm 29 weeks pregnant. More and more do I need peace and quiet, long nights without flatmates coming home at 2 am or jumping out of bed at 6 am., slamming the door and banging pots around in the kitchen. It's just the way life goes.

Speaking of the baby, we have the baby carriage! It's nice and we got it for free from the friends of our friends. I haven't even seen the people, isn't it something that makes you believe in people and good?

My hubby's back with an impressive amount of cartons:) Viva Tesco!

czwartek, 19 sierpnia 2010


My hubby's mostly on night shifts these days. Now he's sleeping and I'm very keen to join him. I had a late night yesterday, holding a heated discussion with my friend who suddenly came out a few days ago. That was a huge surprise to me! Not that I have anything against gay people, I just hadn't figured it out for quite long a time. My instinct and intuition weren't right this time. Nice talk, anyway, fruitful and interesting. Life's full of unexpected twists, but that's why life's worth living, isn't it?

Today morning was a bit of a nightmare to me. I had to test the concentration of glucose in my blood. In order to do so, I had to go to the laboratory and I had the first blood sample taken. Then you dissolve 75 g of glucose in a glass of water and you drink it on an empty stomach. Then you sit there for 2 hours, not eating, drinking nor - God forbid - walking. Once 2 hours are over, the second sample is taken and you are free to go. So, one of the most disgusting things I had to do in my entire life was drinking this glucose dissolved in water. After first three sips I almost threw it up and there was the whole glass to be drunken. Terribly sweet, revolting stuff, yecch! What's more, it tasted as if caustic and my throat was terribly irritated. I managed to drink it finally, bearing in mind that if I didn't, I would have to wake up so early again, come there again, pay again and what's the worst, drink it again, anyway. Good job, we've done it. Now just waiting for the results and hoping everything's OK and I won't have to do this once again.

poniedziałek, 16 sierpnia 2010


Finally we have some rain here. I guess this bulging stuff was nothing serious. Yesterday 3 bulges during the whole day and today only one. My friend told me it's a normal thing and I should just take some rest when the belly hardens. My sweet little son, I love him so much. I'll do everything to carry him as long as possible, so that he's strong and healthy. When has this maternal instinct appeared? You get to know you're pregnant, you know there's a little bean inside, you go to the doctor and suddenly there's no bean but a person. You become a Mom and you don't know when and how. The miracle of conception, the miracle of life. How lucky we are being able to contemplate our happiness. Praise the Lord!

niedziela, 15 sierpnia 2010


Sunny, stuffy days, I've become so fed up with you... unable to breathe, praying for rain. My husband sound asleep after the night shift and I'm wondering whether I should pay my doc a call tomorrow. From time to time my belly hardens on one side (usually the right one) or at the very bottom. It lasts for 10-15 seconds and then it's over. When it hardens there's a bulge appearing on the belly, just as if my son is stretching his body. Naturally, I've already browsed the web in search for any pieces of advice, but the web is, as always, packed with every possible kind of information, from "you must see the doctor immediately" to "everything is OK".... By the way, we're starting the 27th week:)

piątek, 13 sierpnia 2010


Back from our vacations, relaxed and ready to tackle our daily duties. My hubby's been working a lot this week while I'm relaxing most of the times, doing nothing but browsing the web, meeting with friends and reading books I've become behind with during the last year. So, as you can see, there aren't many duties that I must face but this is what I was waiting for the whole last year. Have already read a few books and today I'm starting "The Beach House" by Jane Green. Thanks to her I started to enjoy reading in English and for that I'll always be grateful. As for my little sweet bundle, he's become very fidgety these days, but him being so active brings me loads of joy and makes me smile to him and to the world around me. Pregnancy is a wonderful state to get through and I feel being a mom is going to be a great experience!