wtorek, 26 października 2010

in 2 weeks! :)

Another week behind us my dear son, your mummy's getting very tired, especially in evenings. I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast: porridge oats with raisins, sunflower seeds, grated apple, honey, lemon juice and amaranth. The latter is my latest discovery. In the morning I usually can't even look at bread. Today's the same. My hubby is going to sleep till midday (night shift again) and then we're going to attend a training for English teachers. There are going to be two presentations, but we've decided we'd hit the road after the first one. My husband is giving a lesson outside Poznan on Tuesdays, so he must have enough time to come back home and eat his dinner. Two presentations could be tiresome for me too. Around six our ex-flatmate is going to visit us, so the day will be long. This week's the last week my hubby works on night shifts. We hope a better life for all of us will start next week. So my dear boy, stay where you are, wait a bit more. Mummy will manage some more:)

wtorek, 19 października 2010

in 3 weeks... :)

Another Tuesday. Time flies. F. is due in about three weeks. Last Friday we visited our doctor. First we had the so-called CTG and then the examination by the doctor. He said F.'s heart is OK and he weighs around 2900 kg. One week more and we will be able to call my pregnancy a full-term pregnancy. So my dear F., please, stay where you are, at least for one more week.

Saturday we went for winter swimming. After the holiday break my husband came back to what he calls one of his latest passions. He really enjoys winter swimming. Good for him, but I'm not sure if anybody will ever tempt me to that:) I always say: well, maybe next time? :) Afterwards there was a bonfire at one of the swimmers' garden plot, then we went to take the baby bath from one of our friends and then we went to my parents. It was a long day and I was really tired. We assume it was the last visit we paid my parents. Now it's only waiting for our Little.

So, we were back yesterday and today my hus is at work till evening because straight after work he goes to teach English. I won't be completely on my own, though, for my friend M. is visiting me after work.

Two good news: my hus was promoted, but I don't know many details yet. One good news is that he will have a nine-to-five job and free weekends. What a thrill!
The second good news is that I earned some money. One month ago I started to cooperate with a guy who owns a publishing house and I did some editing for him. Now that he's paid me I can talk about it out loud. I don't know what my perspectives are, but at least I earned some money. That's all for now, see you!

wtorek, 12 października 2010

Long time, no see :)

Another week has gone by. What a strong young man inside my belly! Stretching his small body, giving his mummy a rough ride sometimes. I'm due on November 10th, but F. can appear here two weeks earlier or two weeks later. Anyway, now I'm 36 weeks pregnant. I think the right time hasn't come yet because F. is still very fidgety and for all I know one of the signs that THE DAY is coming is your baby gatting calm:)

Yesterday was the first day of a real fall. It was really chilly, even cold, even very cold:) (Today is the same). We paid my mother-in-law a call. What could I do, I had to leave behind all the bad memories (remember The Night?). We also visited my hus's grandmother who, despite her being 80, still has her wits about her, I'm telling you. She and me are real soulmates.

This week our timetable is really full, I'm glad to announce. I'm a party animal, always have and always will. I adore inviting guests and being sb's guest. I love female chit-chats, heated discussions and, most of all, I love eating :)
So: today (Tuesday) ---> our colleagues from antenatal classes are coming
tomorrow (Wednesday) ---> first my friend Patrycja will drop in and later my close friend Hania will come
the day after (Thursday)---> free yet :)
the next day (Friday) ---> we're going to the doctor, what a thrill :P but the evening still free to be planned
Weekend (hurray): Saturday we're visiting my hus's collegue in the countryside: first winter / fall swimming for those brave enough and then a fire. Did I mention here that my hus is a winter swimming enthusiast? Well, that's a separate story I'm going to bring up some other time.

Saturday evening ---> we're going to my parents and will stay there till Monday; I think it's gonna be our last visit at home before THE DAY

So, I'm glad to announce we have lots of things to entertaing ourselves with, lots of plans and I'm not gonna be stuck home in our studio that I happen to adore, by the way.

You know what??? I'm hungry again!!!

sobota, 2 października 2010


This is my husband's first free weekend since I don't know when. A perfect opportunity to go to the countryside and enjoy the gold color that's everywhere. Fresh air, cool weather... that's what I like fall for. When pregnant, I learnt how to like it even more than I used to do.

Early morning today, I got up before 6 and I'm a bit unconscious at the moment. Our auntie, who happened to be in Poznan this morning, gave us a lift home. It's all because our car's broken again. She took me from home and we picked my hus from work. Now he's sleeping after the night shift, my parents went shopping and I'm enjoying the company of my black cat. I took a nap too, but I'm still not quite myself. Surely a walk would do me good, but my mom's friend is supposed to deliver a chicken here (dead chicken of course) and I have to be home unless my parents are back for I don’t want my hus to say hello to her stark naked (this is the way he sleeps) :)

I weighed myself today ---> 69 kg and still one month left. I'm heavier every day. I'm craving for November to come. Missing to see my Little Bundle. Almost everything's ready.

Tomorrow's my mum’s name day. The whole family will come. A lot of running around the house I guess, but I'm excused because I'm Pregnant, hello:))) Luckily, my dearest husband is an experienced waiter:)

piątek, 1 października 2010

the calm before the storm

The calm before the storm, this is what I would call the peaceful life we lead nowadays. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and in 2 months our life will look completely different. Maybe even in one month! Almost everything's prepared for our son's coming. Yesterday we bought some cosmetic stuff that was missing, such as baby powder, body and hair gel, and a special liquid that's used for disinfecting the umbilical cord stump. What we still don't have is a baby bath, but since our car is broken again, we aren't able to collect it from our friend. Actually, Franek will have two cribs and two baths. One crib and one bath here at home with his mummy and daddy and the other crib and bath at his grandparents:)