środa, 28 lipca 2010


Today evening or tomorrow morning my hus is back home. Missing him and anxious to hit the road together. Almost half of the holiday time is over and I really need to escape from it all for a while. Big roaring Polish sea will do me and my little son good.

niedziela, 25 lipca 2010

bored grumpy wife

In my home village temporarily, since my hubby's on a bicycle race in the East of Poland. Nothing special to do here and I'm bored a lot. In Poland they say that an intellingent person never says he or she is bored and always has something to do. And the truth is that there is plenty to do, e.g. I could read, browse the web or revise English vocabulary. I used to know so many vocabulary items, but if you don't revise your vocab it slips your mind so quickly :( The truth also is that I miss my other half so very much that I can barely stand the separation. Together for almost 5 years, still in love. Can there be anything more beautiful than to find a person with whom you feel so well-matched? He's always on my mind and I love him to bits. Honey, without you I'm a poor drifter:( On the phone I try to be cheerful cause don't wanna sound so grumpy. My hubby deserves some relax too and riding a bike is what he truly loves. I know love should mean freedom so why should I oppose? He's been working so hard during last months. Still, I miss him enormously:)

czwartek, 22 lipca 2010


No hitting the ground running these days! Mummy-to-be mustn't hurry up. Today morning I had a blood sample taken in order to check if everything's OK. I do this every second month. So far so good! Tomorrow 9 am I'm having the 3D ultrasound scan. Don't find it very necessary but my doc does. So here we go, another 150 PLN but what can I say? We learn our lessons every day and I guess the next pregnancy of mine will be supervised by some other doc. Not that I don't find him competent. On the contrary, he seems to be very knowledgable and well-qualified. It's just that going to other doctors you can have the cost of 3D and all the blood tests reimbursed by National Health Service. I know that since I have 2 friends who are pregnant and get the refund. And it seems that I can't get it at my doctor's. Anyway, I'm not going to tilt at windmills now that I'm 6 months pregnant. Just hoping everything will be all right and my baby is healthy.

środa, 21 lipca 2010

hot hot hot

Hot hot hot! For a woman in a family way there's no better piece of advice than stay home and enjoy some good novel. I must admit here that having graduated from English and Polish language faculty, I'm pretty fed up with oh-so-ambitious, high-brow books. Nowadays, when pregnant and tired not only phisically, but also with, let's put it this way, the unknown of my nearest future, I crave for something easily read, that enables you to escape from it all for a while. I'm not very keen on reflecting upon life now! So here we go. Started yesterday, finished today, a fantastic pageturner by Michal Viewegh entitled Women's Novel (the original title Román pro ženy) is the book you really cannot put down. Neither could I, enchanted by M.V. 's flowing style, curious what will happen on the next page. Two years ago I read his Případ nevěrné Kláry and I enjoyed it enormously. According to Wikipedia, Michal Viewegh "is one of the most popular contemporary Czech writers and the bestselling one. He writes about romantic relationships of his contemporaries with humour, and variously successful irony and attempts at deeper meaningfulness; he is sometimes compared to Nick Hornby by his fans."
Mr M.V., I guess I've become one of your huge fans!!!

wtorek, 20 lipca 2010

another day has come

Another day has come, another amazing day since I discovered a small man inside me. As this is the first post of mine, let me introduce myself a bit. I'm 27, living in a beautiful country, that is Poland of course. No irony here, Poland really is a beautiful country that I myself don't know as well as I should! I'm 23 weeks pregnant and every morning that stuns me. The boy inside me kicks, jumps and practices boxing. I can't wait to take care of my little son, but I'm pretty aware that the remaining 3 months that are ahead of me will be the last three peaceful months:) For now let him develop inside my belly, become stronger and bigger:)